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When choosing a criminal defense attorney, one of the most important things for an individual to know is if his/her attorney actually knows what they are doing. More importantly, if they know what they are doing, is that attorney simply going to take my money and run or just plead me out without exploring all legal defenses? Will they call me back? Am I being overcharged? All valid questions.

Michael Meckna has won trials, won appeals, negotiated tremendous plea agreements and has achieved favorable results for his clients by filing motions, as well as employing various other legal avenues to achieve favorable results.

No criminal case is too small or unimportant. Michael Meckna understands regardless of the severity of the criminal charge, it is probably one of the biggest issues in the life of each particular client. Michael Meckna treats it that way. That is why he has such a high referral rate.

The bottom line is that many attorneys just do not know what they are doing when it comes to criminal law.

Whether the charge is Theft, D.U.I, Assault, Sexual Assault, Drugs, Murder or anything in between, call Michael Meckna to see if he can help. Michael Meckna will give you examples of how he has successfully defended all types of cases in the past.

Do not just take his word for it. Take a look at just a few of the cases that Michael Meckna has been involved with, as reported by various media outlets.

First Degree Murder: Michael Meckna solidifies his position as one of the most recognized and successful attorneys in the country by winning this First Degree Murder case. His client was facing a mandatory life sentence if convicted. Instead, he walks out a free man after the verdict. The State presented evidence for 7 days. The jury deliberated approximately 7 hours, making the jury's decision one of the fastest First Degree Murder acquittals in the country. Mr. Meckna discusses the case with various media outlets. (2014-15).


***UPDATE: After Mr. Meckna's win, the State tried the co-defendant for First Degree Murder (not represented by Mr. Meckna). He was convicted and is awaiting sentencing.

Motor Vehicle Homicide: Various media outlets cover one of Mr. Meckna's cases involving a Motor Vehicle Homicide. (2014-15).


***UPDATE: Mr. Meckna negotiates a plea agreement after his client was facing penalties that could possibly keep him in jail for the rest of his life. He was sentenced to 8-10 years in prison, making him eligible for parole after just 4 years.

Statutory and Constitutional Law/Wrongfully Charged: Michael Meckna discusses, with various media outlets, proposed changes to the Omaha City Ordinance regarding hunting and trapping in City and State Parks. These changes were proposed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission because of Mr. Meckna's successful defense of a citizen wrongfully charged. (2015).


***UPDATE: the Omaha City Attorney's Office dismissed the most serious charges because of arguments made by Mr. Meckna.

Constitutional Law: Michael Meckna talks with Omaha World Herald writer Jay Winthrow about a recent Marijuana case. (2014).


Constitutional Law: Michael Meckna talks with KETV reporter Melissa Fry about a high school teen being illegally detained. (2014).


***UPDATE: after this interview aired, but prior to Michael Meckna's Writ of Habeas Corpus Petition (a demand by Mr. Meckna for the State to provide proof and evidence as to why his client was being held without bond) being litigated before a Douglas County District Court Judge, Mr. Meckna's client was released on a ROR bond (Released on his Own Recognizance). The State agreed to release this individual rather than provide any reason as to why he was being held. Why? The State knew it was wrong. (Sadly, this type of malicious prosecution by the State happens more often than people realize). Mr. Meckna's client had been charged with 3 different felony charges. He was subsequently convicted a 2 misdemeanors, with all Felonies being dismissed by the State.

Juvenile Court: Michael Meckna talks with WOWT investigative reporter Mike McKnight regarding the unethical actions of a Child Protective Services employee in reference to one of Mr. Meckna's clients. (2009).

***UPDATE: after this interview, all charges were dismissed.

Wrongfully Charged: Michael Meckna talks with KETV reporter Jake Wasikowski about a citizen who has been wrongfully accused of a serious assault Felony. (2013).

***UPDATE: after this interview, a deposition of the alleged victim was taken by Mr. Meckna. Subsequent to information revealed during this deposition, the State dismissed the felony charge.

Driving Under the Influence: Michael Meckna named by the Omaha Reader as Omaha's most referred D.U.I. attorney. (2012).


Constitutional Law/Homicide: Various media outlets contact Michael Meckna regarding his views regarding the constitutionality of Nebraska's Fetal Homicide Law. (2006).

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